desktop widget gone


I try Comodo Firewall with Avira Premium instead of Bitdefender AV. It works fine, but I lost the desktop widget of Comode and I can’t find it back. I did everything in the settings and in the menu after clicking the icon of Comodo in the taskbar.

It isn’t very important, but I like the widget.Can I still do something about it? Using Windows 7 Home.

Try adding all of the Comodo folders to the exclusions of BtiDefender and see if after rebooting the computer the widget is back.

If not then please check the logs of BitDefender and see if there are any entries which may be relevant.

Please let us know what you find.


Hi Chiron…thank you for the answer.

In Avira Premium I added C/Program Files/Comodo/cis.exe AND CisTray.exe to the exeptions in real time scan. I restarted and no widget of Comodo showed up.
In the folder of Comodo I can’t see anything that looks like a file of the desktop widget, which not means that it isn’t there.
After a systemscan by Avira there isn’t any comment about Commodo Widget in the scan log, so nothing is blocked.

Widget or rare Cis 6 Exploit.
This happened to me.

I had the widget but on the widget when i clicked on the tray icon it showed show traffic and it was checked but greyed out.
so i brought up killswitch and my network was being flooded. If I were you i would bring up killswitch and look at the network graph and see what the hell it is doing.I stopped some some startup services uninstalled open vpn and reinstalled cis 6 now all is quiet and i have my traffic up and down stats back on my widget.
And no one is flooding my network. Wish i had more information or had figure out what the hell was done to me.
The only unique thing was when this happened i had used the firewall only installer for comodo 6. when i re-installed i used the cis 6 preium installer and just checked firewall and not, geek buddy,comodo dragon or comodo antivirus.did you use firewall only installer or are you using the premium installer?

Hi DrHaze.
I’m not smart (anymore) and not an expert in this language, but I think I understood enough to answer that I installed with cfw.installer. I checked out Geek Buddy and Comodo Dragon.

[size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt]Edit: I did a new installation with the Premium installer. Till so far the Widget is back again. Thank you!
I’m afraid the following problem needs to be opened in another topic: when I turn off the firewall of the modem and only use the one of Comodo, a lot of ports are not Stealth, yet closed. I used the Shields’up scan.
About 30% is blue (closed); the rest green(stealth). In Comodo I used the option to Stealth in the configuration.

If your ports are closed, there’s nothing to worry about.

If you’ve enabled the Stealth my ports configuration and still don’t see a “stealth” rating, that is due to your router, not your software firewall.

I wouldn’t be concerned with “stealth” anyway… Contrary to what people would like you to believe, “stealth” does not make you invisible on the internet. Ironically, it points out that not only is there a machine at that address, but it is also actively rejecting connections.

Networking protocol dictates that if a request is made, a return message is expected. Even if your machine is turned off, an upstream router will respond that the computer does not exist when a request is made. Therefore, if a request is made and no response returns, it’s obvious that there is a machine there that is trying to hide. :wink: :-X

O.k., thank you, I’m not concerned with “Stealth” anymore.