Desktop rarely goes into system standby

So far, I really like comodo personal firewall. My only grievances are, my pc has only gone into standby 2 or 3 times since installing it. Those few times it has gone into standby when my pc awakes, it will not acquire an ip address from the router until I reboot. I hate to have to go to another firewall but if these issues can’t be worked out I would. I have only seen this issue mentioned by one other post, and that particular question was not addressed. I am running Win XP Pro SP2 (5.1.2600) with all latest updates. Comodo Personal Firewall version and AVG anti-virus version 7.1.394. I have had none of the AVG, CPFW issues others have mentioned. ???

Try the BETA version to see if your issues are solved pls. Available at,1047.0.html