desktop print-in by comodo. Bug?

Hi there,

Comodo running smoothly here. I am quite satisfied.
Got one issue. Comodo sets a print in my desktop. Don’t know how.

Anyone an idea?

Sorry, but we’ll need more info. See:

sure, here it is:

OS: XP pro SPII, using brickopack for vista skinning.
Version: llatest release of comodo
Previous installations: No firewall or what so ever install before comodo
Security: boclean, nod32, adaware pro (not real time)

Bug is from the start of day 1 of installation, did it with all 3.0 versions.
Today, it has come to me that when i open up comodo (fitting exactly the print) and then close it again the print-in disappears.

Cannot imagine it has something to do with rules, so i didnot take screenies of them.

Sounds like an artifact from the bootup loading of CFP. It seems like the CFP program treats your startup as a manual start of CFP on a running system, and then shuts down the GUI and the visual artifact remains. Do you have Terminal Services disabled by chance?

thnx for your reply
it was off, turning the service on (switched to automatic and rebooted) didnot make any difference.

I’m just another user, so you might want to post a bug report.
There are other GUI issues reported, so you might be interested in:;new;topicseen

This may be hard to sort out until the dev’s have more info on the conflct.
BTW, Terminal Services was previously reported to be needed to avoid a very slow startup on booting, so CFP should be loading faster with that service active.