Desktop Lock

I think comodo should make a desktop lock which can lock your desktop securely from intruders or on a timer it can automaticaly.

Lock your desktop? Well, I’m not exactly sure what you mean. :-\

CIS protects your whole computer, not just your desktop.

I think he means a program like : lock my pc. I would like this also :wink:


Vista includes a desktop lock. Is this what you are referring to (something like)?

Oh now I understand. But the desktop lock on Vista is enough for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I have security cams, laser triggers, alarms etc so I feel like I don’t need “extras” like that. :a0

I like that!

Almost all OS (especially with GUI) have the desktop lock function, for instance in Windows XP, if you disable fast user switching and press in your keyboard Win + L , it’ll lock your desktop. You can also put the settings in ScreenSaver option to lock after some times.

Funny, but you can simply bypass it …


Nice try, but you’ll need login as one of the administrator account (not limited) to do that.

Yeah right 88)


Of course, if administrators could restrict each other they wouldn’t be administrators. It’s as intended and there’s no security flaw.

About the utility, well of course a bootable will have total control. I can boot with a disc and format the HD of any computer I have physical access too, even if I couldn’t format by booting the HD’s OS normally; big deal. The webpage doesn’t clearly say if it lets you edit the password from that same program, or if it just unprotects the account so you can create a new password in Windows normally. The former shouldn’t happen IMHO, that information should be encrypted–which doesn’t prevent it from being deleted altogether from the bootable, of course.

Again if you want to lock your Windows desktop, just password protect your account, and press Windows+L to lock.

Your talking about a secure desktop type client that is similar that allows someone to restrict a desktop similar to a group policy for a machine on a domain.

That would be nice, as the pickings for this are not very many. The two I use are:

Security administrator from

Secure Desktop from

If you use an Admin password to unlock a PC, it logs the current user off and prompts for login again. If you are willing to use a password hack or have the admin password and the desktop is locked by some super secure software, pull the power plug, restart the PC and login…

LOL im the lucky one, my motherboard has a pasword i must type before anything boots or before it reads a CD

Mine BIOS also has that feature. I think all recent BIOS is capable of this.

I agree with it.The function of lock system in Windows is so weak! 88)

It’s an operating system, it can’t bypass the BIOS! (:LGH)