Desktop Jammer

Why don’t you guys make a small but powerfull tool so you can close your desktop in a black screen or something and you only can start working again if you answer the right code

→ this is security ;D

Here you go ;D

yeah owke,

I know already that but like a stronger one, you can pass this one


Oh sorry. I’m not a hacker so I didn’t realize it could be bypassed. :stuck_out_tongue: ;D


as long as comodo makes a stonger one of course ;D

I’m not a hacker either but I already managed to break that rule actually

Well, you’re one step closer than me to becoming one. I’ll have to be on my guard now :o ;D.

hehe (:TNG)

(:TNG) Would like to be a hacker actually. (:TNG)

Could try the defence of CFP , I bet I can’t get true it

Frankly, I don’t think any screen locker could be more secure than the one included with windows.
Maybe you could try this:

Well I can’t see anything that you can’t pass it, as for all of windows their are and will always be leaks

but …

(:TNG) comodo takes a lot of leaks away with is firewall :■■■■