Desktop image

hmmmm ??? i was wondering 88) is there a way to set my pc so that every time it reboots it will change desktop images?

You can try this one : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


link removed.

thanks for the link but “McAfee Site Advisor” indicates its a bad site. Here is the site report. Check out the results n let me know what you think pls. McAfee SiteAdvisor Software – Website Safety Ratings and Secure Search


the site might indeed be dangerous, but the file itself is safe. source

but if you want, you can download it from softpedia :


From “SoftPedia” all was ok but i also downloaded the file from your first link to compare the 2. the files do differ and my !avast anti virus flagged the first one as an infected file.

Hi Guys,

Here is a list of many Free Wallpaper Changes

That site is clean and most likely all files there are fine
(anyway scan anything after downloading)

In addition as far as I remember MS Power Toys has that function (WP changer) included


Well I’m removing that bad link.

Link removed.

cool link :slight_smile: thanks