Desktop Icons won't stay where I put them


First: Thank you Comodo. I’m impressed.

I’ve been using the firewall for several generations now, happily, and on a couple of machines.

Can someone tell me: Since I’ve put this version on this machine, I’ve been unable to move a desktop icon to a new place, and have it stay there after I’ve powered down the machine, and even if I’ve just left the machine and it’s gone into [whatever sleepy-thing].

When I come back, the darned icons are back where they started!

Is this a Comodo thing? Has it locked down some .ini file? Locked some part of the registry? Any other ideas?

Many thanks,


Windows XP SP3, x32, Comodo CIS 3.13.126709

Usually the placement of icons is a Windows thing. Click right on the desktop area and make sure the settings are proper.

If that is not the case. Do you have D+ set to “Block all unknown requests when the application is closed”?