desktop icon

Comodo Dragon works fine. However, whenever I place a desktop shortcut to dragon.exe, the icon disappears when I reboot. This only happens with dragon. How can I have the shortcut icon stay?

Hi Hawaiianlungs. If you are running CD as a portable application Windows Desktop Cleanup Wizard could be treating them as a broken link, try disabling Windows Desktop cleanup wizard to see if that helps.
If this is the problem there are some alternative methods depending on you windows version for disabling Desktop cleanup wizard. Kind regards.

This was not it. CD is installed on my laptop.

I found Windows Cleanup in control panel and unchecked the box.

The CD icon on my desktop still disappears when I reboot.

Sorry that didn’t help. Does the actual shortcut disappear or is a blank shortcut still there with no icon?

The actual icon goes away like it was never there. Again, this only happens with Dragon.

The only other thing I can suggest is to make certain it is being created in the Users, Username, Desktop Folder and if not create the shortcut from within that folder, that failing I am sorry I was of no help.
I hope you find a solution. Good luck and Kind regards.

What OS are you using?