Desktop freezes on every startup after comodo firewall 3.0 installation[HELP]


i have a problem with comodo firewall 3.0. My computer freezes in desktop on every startup. Comodo firewall works fine in safe mode. I even unchecked “load on system startup” function in safe mode and pc freezes anyway on new startup. When I uninstalled comodo firewall from my computer (in safe mode of course) then my PC started normally and now it works fine.

I installed cf twice…same story in both cases. What should I do, can you help me fix this problem?

I have vista home premium 32bit.


Sorry for posting without reading posting FAQ first.

Here we go…
The version of Comodo Firewall Pro Installed
Your Internet connection type
Operating system and Service Pack Level
Up to date windows vista home premium 32bit
How you are logging in to the OS (Admin, User)
Other real-time security applications installed
I have avast home edition instaled on my PC, but I disabled start on system startup function for avast and then I restarted computer. After restart I installed comodo firewall 3.0 Setpoint also starts on startup but I think I shut it down before instalation. I also have spybot search and destroy installed, but tea timer isn´ t enabled… I disabled vista firewall before installation.
Detail the problem, such as which applications are running when you have the problem

Desktop freezes on every startup after comodo firewall 3.0 installation. Opera was closed during instalation. I think I disabled setpoint before installation, avast was disabled, no tea timer, vista firewall was disabled.

If you should know anything else just post. I hope you can help me.


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Thanks for your understanding.
I looked at the log and your system specs but I found no evident issue. Your configuration should have posed no problem.
Avast and Setpoint are guranteed to work on XP. I guess that Vista should make no difference.

EDIT I looked at a bugreport
were it was reported that this could be an issue with avast and CFP on vista.
Maybe is worth trying to add your avast directory in your Safe list (Defense+\Common tasks\My safe files\add button)
Join that topic too.

This mean that I may be unable to provide any meaningful help other than a generic Info gathering procedure hoping to find something.

Before installing V3 again run GMER and save a txt log. If V3 is already installed skip this step but take note abou any default setting you modified (eg .block all unknown requests if the application is closed) and report the D+ mode you used.

Next step should be to clear D+ LOG (you need to click the More… button from Defense+\Common Tasks\View Defense+ Events)
After clearing the log you need to reboot in order to reproduce this issue and export the D+ Log.
If you are totally unable to logon then disable D+ and V3 Firewall From SafeMode. Attempt to export the log in Safemode either.

Then use this procedure and look for non PNP devices in Device Manager.

Take screenshoots and reboot.

If you were able to logon and you didn take a GMER Log run GMER and save a txt log.
If you were unable to log after you disabled both D+ and firewall we should hope that the info you gathered can give an hint about this issue.

Avast is fully Vista ready, i had a similar problem awhile back when installing Zone-alarm for Vista, pc would freeze but would run in safemode just fine, my problem was not a software issue, it was a hardware issue, windows takes less memory to run in safemode, and it is known that Vista takes more system memory than previous versions of windows, originally my pc was at the minimum ram requirements for Vista when bought, after i upgraded the ram the problem went away. i do not know if that could be part of your problem, but it could be a problem for other users.