Desktop File Scanner!!!

I am not sure exactly how to describe it but what would be nice is a program that has an ‘icon’ of sorts on the desktop than you could drag items into to scan for malware or to shred it…as well a free space shredder!.. (:NRD)

You mean a File shreder? There is one in comodo system cleaner :slight_smile:

a no…i meant an application that on the desktop that is a malware file scanner that can scan ‘dragged’ files for malware…i just think that would be cool…the “Comodo Dragon Den” or something cool like that! well on a separate note a freespace shredder to clean previously deleted files that may be still on the drive. Sorry if i wasn’t clear… :■■■■

Well… You can right click a file and click “scan with comodo antivirus”. or the on acess scanner will scan it automaticaly if you have it enabled…

ya i know both of those options but i think it would be different and handy to have the option i mentioned.

Then just use BoClean, you can drag and drop the malware in that ! But beware, it will be opened then and if they don’t have it in the database …


like i said i’ve used both options and don’t necessarily like them!..that is why i inquired about this new potential product - that maybe uses heuristics, white and blacklisting.

Hi Ryanman, for all that Comodo has offered FOC (free of charge) I believe you’re pushing the envelop a little in your request, there is a right click scan (although I know this may seem awkward and tedious for yourself) already included in CIS for an on demand virus scan, and you expected what finally after all is said and done?
Just my humble opinion on the whole matter…


Hey Xman,

It’s not awkward or tedious - i just see where there is potential for efficiencies…If comodo wants to really stand out (not saying they don’t already), they would take it to the next level…and i believe that that would be the next level! I have never seen anything like it but man it would be awesome!..just think of the potential! (:KWL)

So you basically want an icon on the desktop that scans a file for malware, if that file is dragged and dropped on the icon?

Not just an icon but an interactive file scanner…that ofcourse looks and functions awesome!

TuneUp2008/9 has a file shredder that will free up space exactly as you are looking for (also securely removes deleted files that are still hanging around).
(Sorry guys, CSC doesn’t have this yet).

What kind of file scanner? A shredder, a AM scanner, etc?

CIS has a AM scanner…sorry but I’m not getting the idea. :frowning:

Interactive? ??? How could a scanner be interactive?

a malware scanner that is interactive in the sense that you could drop files in rather than right click!

Oh now I finally get you. :slight_smile:

It seems to be easier to right-click, but that’s just me. So maybe have something that you could drag 'n drop a file to the CIS tray icon, and it would scan it. :THNK

I would prefer on the desktop - maybe its just a style thing but i think it would be very cool…maybe that is how BoClean is to be incorporated into CIS?..think about it? (:NRD)

Well, sometimes it is harder for me to move a file from Windows Explorer to a Desktop icon.

Think it through guys,

It’s a bad idea.
You want people to left click on infected files and drag them around.
The potential for executing the files would be tremendous.

It’s safest the way it is.


Yeah, the safest way is to have a real-time scanner pick them up.

But maybe we could have something like this in CSC as a shredder.

Yes, I think it’s been done.
Can’t remember the app.

The sucking Black Hole on the desktop.
Into which all things pass never to return.