Hi. i’m new here and have a problem…my pc has a virus which infected my desktop
background…i can’t change wallpapers and it’s stuck with a black box centered with
a spyware infection notice…i can’t get rid of it and have tried all types of spyware
and virus removal tools but nothing removes it . it stays the same…
any ideas?

Have you tried a-squared Free?

no ! can you tell me more please? i’m not real smart when it comes to pc’s

Go to the URL I posted (the a-squared name is a hot link), download it, install it, update it & run a scan.

Also what OS & Anti-Virus program are you running?

Hi, before you take this on, has anyone had access to your pc? My son did this just last week to me thinking I would fall for it and sounds same as yours but it’s a spoof, a download joke. Now, I am not saying don’t take it seriously if it is real, but perhaps you should question that first and if not, follow Kails advice immediately.


thanks guys…but it’s been on my son’s pc for quite a while…i have downloaded
all types of virus scanners and spyware removal programmes and nothing works.
the latest i have downloaded is comodo …it finds an infection but won’t get rid of it.
i am running w xp plus service pack 2

First things first. Slide system restore to 0% and disable it. Once a virus possibly gets into the restore, anti virus won’t remove it. Do that first and then try removal. If you can copy and put down the virus sig, what file it’s in, it would help greatly. Also, when removing disconnect or stop internet connection with firewall>eg block all. They can and will keep accessing the internet.


Thank’s Paul. I’ll give it a try.

Alright, i’ll be right here if you need help.


Thank you for helping…much appreciated. we are a bit dopey down under…(australia)
well …some of us are (:CLP)

Did it work?


YES…Thank you.

Glad to hear that you were able to solve your problem. Good job guys (:CLP)

It was great to get such a quick resonse from you guys.
I’ll have to tell my friends about this site.
Once again …thank you all… (:CLP)
From a happy chappy from down under…

You are quite welcome. I do suggest using some cleaning tools now though. Also, if you didn’t get corrupt files, you are lucky. Another mention, anti-virus cannot access system restore so viruses, etc…go right for it many times or it is put in automatically by windows. The downside, you have no more restore points and will have to turn it back on and create a new one. The good side, at least if you use restore , it won’t bring the virus back. As I said though, do a spyware cleanup as it can leave hundreds of spywares running, do a disk cleanup\defrag, and create a new restore point. One more thing, I hope you back up your info regularly, best practice there is my friend. Don’t feel “dopey” ,like anywhere, if everyone knew everything, there would be no use for techs, etc… :wink:

How do you say, G’day mate<learned from Panic, a down under moderator.


Thanks Justin. :slight_smile:


Paul…you say it as you see it spelt…G’day mate.

Well we “Yanks” are a bit dopey as well… :smiley: :wink: Glad I got it right.

Take care,


No problem :wink:

Firstblood, I am going to mark this resolved so if any others have your issue they can read it.