Design of ideal personal firewall


I would like to know what the developers of CPF have to say about this “Design”, and how do you feel about the result of CPF against this kind of “Design”?

It seems that they want a lot of money to let the people know the bugs…


Sure all the basic stuff :slight_smile: There is a lot more that an ideal personal firewall should do, just watch and see what we do over next few months/years.

btw: there is a polling there for which firewall you like best … here is the link…

Come on every one, get voting.

you took the words right out of my mouth :wink:


I agree with you that some items are not for a Firewall, and I hope that you only introduce features to CPF that belows to a Firewall, and don’t make like others companies…

Currently I can’t test your Firewall because of some problem with the installer that you use, but I’m looking for the new incoming version.

I’m very happy with my current Firewall (real packet filter) CHX that are very effective, extremely fast and powerful for inbound, but I like to take a look on the other Firewalls that I think that could be very potential… :wink:

yes unfortunetly Installshield let us down :-(. We have written a new installer that we are testing with. So pls do try the new version of the installer when its out. I don’t have a timescale for it yet. (next few weeks max)

I will try it for sure :wink:


I would like to inform you about multiple votes on our site (quoting blog):

There came number of votes to our poll about personal firewalls recently. Over 80% of these votes were posted by fans of Comodo Personal Firewall. Unfortunately, many of these voters posted multiple votes instead of one.

We appeal to all voters not to vote more than once. We already had some limits set before and because of these people we had to tighten these limits. We have also deleted all those fake votes.

There is no why to vote more than once. Such votes can be recognized very easily and are automatically deleted. Yes, our order of tested firewalls is given by the rank in the poll but there is much easier way to ask us to make a review of your favourite product. If you want us to review some product before others please contact the vendor of this product and ask him to contact us to make a review of their product preferentially. We are very interested in reviewing those products of which vendor is interested in our review. So, instead of sending tens of votes which will be automatically deleted, try to ask the vendor of your favourite personal firewall to contact us.