Desactivate broadcast direcction to prevent Smurf attacks


First of all: Congratulations on both your forums and your products. I´m testing your firewall to see how it works, and these forums seem very dinamic.

Secondly: A question:

I´ve been reading about Smurf attacks, and as an advice to prevent them, it is said: "Desactivate the broadcast direction in your router. Then they say too that there are still a lot of routers with this “vulnerability” and then you could use them to make a smurf attack. Why is this so? I mean, why doesn´t brands take action when they build a router to make it secure without this broadcast direction available?

I´ve look up in google about how to desactivate it in my router but all the information is related to take off the SSID Broadcast, which I had done long ago, because it´s a very basic security advice.

Thanks in advance !