Is deploy.jar related to Java Control Panel? Coz delpoy.jar is autosandboxed & Java Control Panel disappeared from the Control Panel on XP.

Deploy.jar belongs to Java. I got a firewall pop up for it last night and it wanted to connect to the Oracle servers (must have been Java update process).

I checked the logs of D+ but it did not get sandboxed. I am running Java 1.7.11. What version of Java are you running?

It strikes me as odd the Java control panel does not show up and deploy.rar gets sandboxed. Did you remove entries from the TVL?

You can consider to uninstall Java and then let Javara remove all possible traces of previous Java installations. Sometimes it takes two or three rounds with Javara to remove all; just check the Javara logs.

I am running CIS Premium Suite 6 with defaults

Java version latest 7 update 11

On Win 7 64 deploy.jar is not autosandboxed, that means its trusted

On Win XP 32 deploy.jar is autosandboxed & online lookup also gives the verdict unknown

Its strange that they analysed 64 version but not 32 version. And I am observing this behaviour from past 3 Java updates. No probs on Win 7 64 but Win XP 32 deploy.jar is autosandboxed & after few days its trusted.

They should simultaneously analyse both 32 & 64 bit versions if they are different.

It did get sandboxed on this Win 7 64 bit system. Probably because my default browser is the 32 bit version of IE9 which uses the 32 bit version of Java. I submitted the file. There was also another Java file that got sandboxed called dtplugin\RTA88530.