DEP (Data Ex Protection) in Comodo; do I have it activated?

Hi all:

When I originally installed Comodo about a week ago, I remember something about DEP protection. I think the default was to install it but I may have unchecked it. Is there a way to tell if it was included in the install?

DEP is Windows XP SP2’s (probably other OS’s, but I don’t know) feature. It doesn’t have any direct relation to Comodo Firewall. To check its status (on/off/etc) press Windows/Start + Pause keys to access System Properties > Advanced tab > Performances > Setting > Data Execution Prevention tab.

Thank you Soya:

I found it through Control Panel and it was already activated.

Then it’s fine. May I ask what made you think it had something to do with CFP?

When I installed CFP a week ago, on one of the original installation screens there definitely was a question regarding whether to include DEP in the installation with a box next to it (to be checked or not). I took down some notes about it, and am pretty sure I left it unchecked thinking I could used a “back” button on the next screen but after I proceeded from the screen, Comodo installed and finished. There was no going back. I have been meaning to ask someone about that in case I needed to uninstall and make sure that box was checked.

Ok. I understand. Now I remember. Here’s a related thread:,3828.0.html

Since it’s been a while and I have DEP totally disabled on my system, this is unfamiliar terrority for me.