Deny programs connect to internet, question


I just installed Comodo Firewall latest version, after removing Zone alarm free version (since it came out so bad in a test I read). So far it looks good.

I want Comodo to tell me whenever a program is trying to connect to internet, and let me decide to deny or allow it. Is this possible?

I am using XP(pro), and Comodo is set on “learning”, and under Miscellaneous settings I sat commando to “Alert Frequency Level” to very high.

After this I thought it would let me know when a program tries to connect to internet, and it dos for several programs but not all. If I try to update Spybot, ad aware and so on they all those without commando telling me. And other programs that zone alarm told me about are command silent with.

Sorry my poor English – and thanks for any help


And When “Do not show any alerts for the applications certified by COMODO” is not checked.

After I restarted the os everything works as I was hoping. So no problems, this firewall are looking good:-D

Have a nice day


Good deal! So far I am quite impressed with Comodo firewall.