Deny access to infected objects

When choosing Deny access to infected objects, what happens if a virus is found? Does a message pop up offering to quarantine of clean it?

I can answer my own question. During a long scan it found a trojan in a zip file – one which nod32 thinks is ok. I tried unzipping the file and when it got to setup.exe it threw up an infected info. box, and when I clicked on it I got another - and another - and another until I deleted the folder.

I hope that a full warning with options will be added like you get with the full disk or folders scan, where you can choose to clean, quarantine, or delete.

Is that coming?

Meanwhile, since I never want an antivirus to change a file automatically, I’ll have to go back to nod32 for now, until the next version of Comodo that can handle offering options.

Hi and welcome,

You can add this to CAV wishlist to show what you would like in upcoming versions.

If you go to settings you can change on demand scan to give prompt for actions, but for on access scan you can’t.