denfese+ on cmf3.0 have real-time anti-spyware?

sory, I not strong in English.
now, I have cmf3.0 and spybot(real-time) but I not sure for defense+ on cmf3.0. It’s have real-time anti-spyware?

If cmf3.0 have. I will uninstall spybot, many application is heavy load on my pc.


Spybot is old and out dated. It doesn’t perform good now a days. D+ is not an anti spyware solution but a HIPS program which means its a behaviour blocker. You didnt mention what you use for anti virus protection. Avast and Comodo do a good job together. SuperAntiSpyware and Malware Bytes are great free on demand spyware scanners.

Hi epnsx & Welcome to the forums.

The AV in CFP 3 is only on demand, Meaning it provides no Real time protection. As with V said, Avast! would be a good choice you can download here.