[delphi] comodo is the only one to detect virus...


when compiling projects in delphi the exe files generated are all detected as viruses with comodo and it put it in quarantine, so it is impossible to do anything…

i’ve upload an .exe file generated with delphi (with only one button and one edit box, no action at all) to www.virustotal.com and among the 54 antivirus programs tested only comodo detect it as virus. VirusTotal

what should i do? unactivate comodo? for how long? …


Please upload few compiled files to us and we will check this.

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Erik M.

it is done here

http://camas.comodo.com/cgi-bin/submit?file=2a3ccd9b47e37ab63273367d8066ca2152bbccbeef71384f27e40b499cb4c0a6 the conclusion is “undetected”

see attachement file

[attachment deleted by admin]

so what’s news? have you found the problem? :slight_smile:

this silence is weird… :o
no feedback at all , even to say this is being studied, or this can’t be fixed or anything else

is this problem with delphi already known and taboo?

It seems fixed.

yes this file is fixed but, no the problem is not fixed.

this file (and only this file) is fixed because i’ve submitted it by email to comodo labs directly.
they fixed this file and answered me by mail it is fixed.

but when i generate new/other .exe files, they are immediately recognized as virus. (i’ve done it and virustotal show the same problem 1/54 as above)
i can spend my time to send 300 .exe files and to wait they fix these 300 files but since i generate a new one the problem will apply to the new one.

as long as the problem is not considered more gobally it will remain.
it is a more global problem than fix files one by one. the problem is the recognition method of comodo for .exe generated files.

when i explained them this by email, and sent them an other generated .exe file: they haven’t answered neither.

The newly generated projects contain the same functions?

P.S. : What compiler are you using?

the compiler by default used by delphi.

no matter what functions are contained, all newly generated projects are detected as viruses and this is done only by comodo.
even a new project (without no element at all, just a blank new project) is detected as virus…

the other antivirus dont detect anything, so the problem is not to search for delphi but for comodo i think.

Yes, you are right then. It’s a problem on how it parses delphi compiled projects.
This might take a while I think if it’s related to the CAV engine and not signatures.

ok here is very bad news for me :embarassed:

i’ve found this. So the problem was known for 3 years and it seems it is not worth for comodo to take an interest in it.

conclusion if i want to use delphi and keep my pc protected i have to install an other antivirus. :-\

i wish the comodo firewall and an antivirus from an other editor wont generate stability problems.

OK then. Please make a bug report on this one as it’s the only way they can keep track of this.
Make a topic here with the requested format.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hello ahahah,

We are currently checking this issue, we’ll let you know when we’ll have a fix.

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yes thank you.

Really i don’t want to offense you but meidan and ponmalar said the same thing here three years ago to the problem of a_catalin and foxman in the topic.

as a_catalin said here : Most of the other antivirus supports (today all of them) have corrected it in their programs.

Hello ahahah,

Please check and let us know if the issue is still there, thank you!

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congratulations it seems to be finally fixed!!! ;D :o

So now i know that if one day i want to reinstall comodo i can do it :-TU

at any rate it will help those in the future who will use delphi, vb etc… ^^