Dell Resource Disk / RCD.MSI / MSI.DLL errors

I’ve been getting an error upon startup and also when utilizing Windows Explorer (i.e., open “view” menu and it will pop up again) that is caused by Comodo V3. If I uninstall V3, then I’m fine and no errors. First, my computer information:
Dell 9100
Pentium D CPU 2.80 GHz, 32 bit
1.00 GB RAM
XP SP2, fully patched
AVG (fully patched and updated)
Comodo V3.0.17.304

It tries to install RCD.MSI every time I start up the computer (or open menus in Windows Explorer), then when it can’t find it, gives me a window to find it. The file does not exist on the Dell Resource Disk. So I cancel that and it will pop up again. I have to cancel it twice for it to stop popping up…until it happens again. I looked in the XP Event Viewer and it seems to be related to the fact that I have Unicode enabled (when I opt to check Help, that’s in the information that it asks to send to the internet). I’m getting warnings from MSI.DLL in the viewer main window.

Detection of product ‘{FCD9CD52-7222-4672-94A0-A722BA702FD0}’, feature ‘MainApp’, component ‘{ACC371A7-F7AA-403D-863E-8AE9BE1E2228}’ failed. The resource 'C:\Program Files\Dell\ResourceCD' does not exist.

Detection of product ‘{FCD9CD52-7222-4672-94A0-A722BA702FD0}’, feature ‘MainApp’ failed during request for component ‘{3207D1B1-80E5-11D2-B95D-006097C4DE24}’

製品 : Dell Resource CD – エラー 1706。 製品 Dell Resource CD に対する正式なソースが見つかりません。このインストレーション パッケージ ‘RCD.MSI’ の正規のコピーを使用して、再度インストールを実行してください。

(error 1706. Can’t find the proper source. Use the proper installation package for RCD.MSI and reinstall it).

I hope this helps. The error started in the first week of January. Uninstalling Comodo V3 removes the problems. Deactivating your new protection software part of the firewall doesn’t change it. Needless to say, this is a frequent error that I’m dealing with and it’s very annoying.

Try this link for possible ways to get rid of the problem. What are results?