Dell Fingerprint Doesn't Work

After installed the latest verison of Comodo FW on my Dell Latitude D620 laptop with Vista Enterprise OS, the fingerprint reader doesn’t work any more. I have “Defense+” disabled and only use the Firewall feature. With FW disabled, the fingerprint reader works ok. With Firewall in “Training Mode”, the fingerprint reader works, but take very long time to show the scanner icon. In “Safe Mode”, the fingerprint can’t even show the scanner icon. Thus, I can’t even login to Windows Vista.

Pls help…

You might need to open your fingerprint reader’s software (installation) folder and register all of the executables and DLLs as “Trusted Applications.” I’m guessing here, as I have a different brand of laptop running Windows XP Pro SP2.

I encountered a somewhat similar situation with earlier versions of CFP (v.277 and v.295, I think) that were installed on my IBM ThinkPad, which uses a combination of security chip, proprietary Cliient Security Solution 8, a password manager and fingerprint software. Whatever had been causing my system to lock into an endless bootup loop was resolved in subsequent versions of CFP.

Has there been any mention of your issue on the Dell users’ forum? Was your fingerprint reader functioning properly with CFP v.329 installed?

Also check CFPs Logs (both Firewall & Defense+). By default, CFP doesn’t block stuff silently & this might give you an indication of what needs to be done.

Thanks a lot for both replies. I tried both v329 and v349 with the same problem. I checked Dell forum with no info. I checked the Firewall log and it has no log info about anything ben blocked. The Defense+ is disabled.

Pls remember v329 is a BETA version


I believe you are incorrect. V.329 was not a beta version. Nor is v.349.

True, these products were probably in beta testing at one time. But they were final releases on the dates listed below.

Nothing in the release notes indicates that either version was released as beta on March 27 or April 18, respectively.

Currently, v.327 with Threatcast is in beta testing.



I have the same problem, but my configuration is a little bit different (Dell D630, Windows XP SP2, Comodo PRO v and Dell Embassy Trust Suite by Wave v - software used to fingerprint login). After installing Comodo, login screen hangs on message dialog “Updating policies” (I have added Embassy to trusted applications). It is strange, because when computer is not connected to LAN I can log in.

I have tested Embassy with another firewall (Online Armor) and everything is fine.

This is getting rather interesting with respect to several users experiencing problems logging in when they use a third-party security product, often in conjunction with a biometric sensor.

I’m working with another user who’s having a difficult time with an IBM laptop that uses ThinkVantage proprietary security software in conjunction with a security chip. See:

There appear to be some similarities between these two cases involving the Dell and ThinkPad machines, and I’m beginning to wonder if a bug – or a snippet of code – has been reintroduced into the latest version of CFP that is once again causing these problems. The symptoms are very similar to those I experienced when I upgraded to CFP v.277 and v.295 a couple of months back.

Since then, my issues have been resolved, but they persist for other users with the security configuration(s) described above.

Apologies for the thread necromancy, but, I’m experiencing this problem on a dell studio 17 and was wondering if anybody found a reliable fix? I’ve found a couple threads on other forums, but all very open ended. Just looking for some resolution. Love the product on my Desktop, would like to run it on my laptop too! Losing fingerprint reader functionality is most definitely a deal breaker though. >:(