Deleting Snapshots

I have the original (Baseline) snapshot plus 4 new ones. I kind of have things close to the way I want them now.

Can I keep the original baseline shot then delete the others, then make a more recent one?


What you can do is reset the baseline to the your latest snapshot (the one you are happiest with).

I usually setup CTM to delete all snapshots older than 7 days. This excludes your baseline and one week should be long enough to spot any issues so you can rollback.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m not grasping the difference between a baseline and a snapshot? Isn’t the baseline just the first snapshot? I’m not sure about the locked and unlocked either?

My main concern is about taking up too much space…this pc is about 4 years old and it only has an 80 GB hard drive.

I haven’t really set up anything as far as taking snapshots and deleting them yet. This is all new to me. Guess I gotta open it and have a look around?

Thanks Ewen, and yes you have helped. :wink:

The baseline is the snapshot of the system disks as at the time of install. Subsequent snapshots are incremental snapshots.

After the baseline, the first snapshot is the incremental changes since the baseline was taken. The second snapshot is the incremental changes since the first snapshot was taken. The third snapshot is the incremental changes since the second snapshot. As so on and so on …

If you only have an 80Gb hard drive, I would look into the settings and configure it to delete snapshots older than “X” days. Mine is set to 7, as I figure I will spot any errors within a week.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help Ewen…I appreciate it very much.

Do you know if the ClientService process is related to CTM? I never saw it before, and now it spikes my CPU usage up to 90% sometimes, I have to kill the process to stop it.