deleting registry files after uninstall

Unfortunately, I’ve had to abandon my attempts to install Comodo Firewall. Someone in my post on that subject kindly pointed me to a Batch File for removing all traces of CFP but it didn’t have that effect - using Ctrl+F in Regedit I found and deleted a couple of dozen registry files with Comodo in their name. However,there were some files which, when hitting ‘delete’, prompted a Windows message: “unable to delete all specified values”. For example:
Name Type Data
DeviceDesc REG_SZ Comodo Firewall Pro Sandbox Driver
DeviceDesc REG_SZ Comodo Firewall Pro Helper Driver
DeviceDesc REG_SZ [a list of random letters/numbers/symbols]
Friendlyname REG_SZ Comodo Firewall Miniport #2

Does anyone know how to remove these?
Also, can anyone confirm that the registry file called NT_INSPECTMP and its subfolders 0001, 0002 and 0003 are entirely Comodo related?
Many thanks

try registry cleaner

You may need to right click those files and change the security permissions so that you can remove them. NT_INSPECTMP are for the Comodo miniports used to inspect your data streams. You should be able to see them if you go to Device Manager/show hidden devices.

Thanks, fazio93, but I’ve been using CCleaner for years and it didn’t help me here.
Thanks, too, to sded. I’ve just spent an absolute age giving every folder and sub-folder within NT_INSPECTMP ‘full control’ and, eventually, it looks like I’ve deleted it. I did another search of the registry and have found ‘COMODO Firewall Pro Sandbox Driver’ and ‘COMODO Firewall Pro Helper Driver’ (plus some other keys) within folders called, respectively, LEGACY_CMDGUARD and LEGACY_CMDHLP.
Are these two registry folders purely Comodo related and so may be safely deleted?
Thanks in advance.

then use revouninstaller, use “advance” option. it’ll use the software’s builtin uninstaller & continue with scanning for leftover. :-TU

Thanks, shin-ganda. Your post looks sort of incomplete, as if the first half is missing. Anyway, I had a look at your uninstaller but, as anticipated, no help to me as my CFP has already been uninstalled. It’s just those left over Registry files I want rid of and would prefer to know for sure that LEGACY_CMDGUARD and LEGACY_CMDHLP are purely Comodo related. If they are, I’ll just delete them manually.

Yes, the LEGACY files are purely Comodo.

Thanks sded.