Deleting other than sources

Hi, 1-When I do a backup to to dvd-rw with “deleting others than sources files” it doesn’t delete anything ? I do
a backup of “My documents” with a folder name “test” inside with a few files. I do a backup (incredemental or full = same result) and after I see on my dvd the folder “test”. After I delete the folder “test” and redoo the backup. I check, the folder and files are still there ?!

   2- Is it possible to install 2 comodos or to create 2 shortcut for 2 different profiles. I would like to have on my desktop an icone "comodo daily", that would do a simple backup, and a second icone "comodo monthly" that would do a defrag and then the backup. So, is it possible to start from the desktop, with a simple click different profiles ??

Thank you very much,