deleting files in sandbox

I ran a program in the sandbox from context menu7. I did not continue installation. Are there temp files needing deletion and where are those? can they be deleted like sandboxie

There is a hidden folder with the path


. You will need to change your file and folder options to show hidden files to view this folder. You can manually delete sandboxed items from there.

Many thanks found it.

!ot! !ot! I posted the following on 15 jan but did not get answer.

It says at post 3 here

“N.B. Virtualisation in CIS is usable but still not mature - so it may not completely achieve the above purposes. We expect it to improve greatly in forthcoming releases”
That was in March 2010 .Is virtualisation complete/mature now in version 5.9.219863.2196

Do you know is virtualisation mature now

Thanks. Sorry a bit !ot!

I don’t believe it’s any different in the latest release than it was when it was released. I have high hopes that the upcoming version 6 will indeed have a mature virtualization component. And by that, I mean more configurable and more user friendly features. Similar to Sandboxie.

OK but would it be as safe as sandboxie now to do a manual run of a unknown software? I am not sure what mature means and it relationship to being secure

Due to access restrictions, you probably won’t be able to install anything inside the manual sandbox. But yes, running anything in the manual sandbox should be as safe as Sandboxie.

that is what i wanted to know many thanks