Deleting files in quarantine

I’m a newbie to Comodo Firewall Pro. I have several malware files in Quarantine and would like to delete them permanently from my disk. None of the options shown me in the ‘My Quarantined Files’ seems to do that.

What should I do?


DO NOT delete them unless you know for sure they are malware. Comodo’s scanner is still new. Scan the files with SuperAntiSpyware and Malware Bytes and see what they find. Also you can upload the files here. They may be false positives.

Especially if they are system files.

Other virus scan programs also tell me these files are bad but I don’t know HOW to delete them completely now that they are in COMODO’s Quarantine.

What other scanners? What are the files? Do not delete them unless you know they are malware. Did you upload them to VirusTotal? If files are in quarantine they cannot go anywhere. It’s as if they were in jail.

AVG and Threatfire also tags these files as bad. I’ve also confirmed these files as bad by Googling them. Every other antivirus program I’ve ever used–quite a few–gives you the option of permanently removing the files from the disk. Why not COMODO?

The fact that they are in quarantine and my system is working OK indicates that they are not critical.

Again, is there a way of permanently deleting files that have been put into quarantine?

rightclick a file you want to remove, click “remove” and then “apply” in the bottom right. I used a while to notice the apply button myself. Actually, i found this thread searching for how to remove files from quarantine :slight_smile:

Edit: you have to delete the files manually after removing them from quarantine.

Thanks. The last bit of information about having to delete the files manually after removing them from quarantine–that’s the part I didn’t know about. Other security programs give you the option of deleting them within the program itself.

I agree… There needs to be an ability to delete programs from quarantine in D+…

If I remember correctly, you have the ability to do this in CAVS3?