deleting destination files if they does not exicte in source file

i need that comodo delete all folders in destination if they does not exicte in the source any more

Unfortunatly, sync will not propagate file/folder deletion, that was asked many times to be added for a futrure version. I’m back after 2 months and I see there is a v2 but no word of a sync mode and they don’t reply when we ask about this, I’m trying to figure out why a legitimate question remain ignored.

What are you referring to as Destination and Source? If a file no longer exists on your HDD, why would you wish the backup to remove this automatically? Let’s say a rogue software removed several important files without your permission/knowledge. Would you desire these files removed from your backup simply because they don’t exist on your HDD any longer?

Hi John,

When I asked about if there was a v2 coming you were there to answer, remember? Then I asked to close the thread. Why is it so difficult to get an answer about why sync is not present in v2 and if they plan to add it or why they don’t plan to add it? Why are they ignoring that question?

As for deletion, I have plenty of time before the replication start so if I was to be infected I would have time to react. As an option, deletion could use a different (longer) timer also.


My question was more to understand why. Thank you for responding to it.
Features in version 1 that are removed will be placed back in version 2, afaik. The current release is only an RC, so I would wait for the Final to see what has been done.

Answered here;msg299861#msg299861

funily enough, immediately below your original question. :wink: