Deleted through Blocked Files

It took me a while to find it in v5 but I finally find the blocked files.
I tried to block the “My Pictures” folder by failed but I guess that’s because that was more of a shortcut instead, but I accidentally hit delete instead of remove.

Where does the deleted file go?

How can I get it back?

If it’s so easy to delete away a whole directory then why does this happen so easily w/o any confirmation, it seems bad to have something like that so easily accessible w/o any confirmation.

I know back in v4 or what ever the last version was I was always afraid I might accidentally hit delete instead of remove, but this time it actually happened.

Hmm. Well. I just tried it out and I got a confirmation dialogue. Perhaps there’s something wrong with your install?

(In either case it would be nice for the confirmation dialogue to allow you to send the file to the recycle bin, as well as immediately remove it. Or maybe a setting somewhere. I’ll keep this in mind for future wish-list charrettes. You may want to make a wish list thread.)

thanks for the reply I guess I should try it out with a dummy folder some time.,