Delete Time Machine

Hello people!

Hope you someone can come quickly to help! Have a problem! I thought I would help comodo time machine but now the opposite has happened! I deleted my baseline weill I pretty much have used GB! Now when I restart comodo can not handle, alas! Now it crashes and the PC has been doing this for hours no further!

My question there is a possibility this time machine to handle!

Please help


Please Help

Have anybody a idea???

Firstly I would like to point out that I am not an expert with CTM.

That said, I need a little more information. Is your computer able to fully boot into Windows at all?

If not then please read through this post.

Let me know what happens.


Hey Chiron!

Thanks for your help! But comodo is crashed my harddrive… it means my harddrive is now raw! WTF!
No windows nothing! All my works are now not more on my drive!!

That means i can now work very hard day & night for two weeks…

Thanks comodo for this sh…

Have a nice day

Best regard mario

maybe now you will see the importance of backing up your system and testing a product in a virtual environment first.

It’s possible that the MBR is corrupted. Did you read the link I posted? Also, please see this one.