delete firewall rules permanently

I have the firewall set to Training Mode. I once allow a software and check the box to remember the action to allow it to access internet. Then i delete the rule, but the rule restore itself after i re-open the software. How to make it popup to ask to for what to do next?

Also here is my suggestions after testing the firewall for fews days.

  1. How could you not have a “Apply” button? Every time i add a new rule i usually apply it to see how it works. But you only have "OK’ which suckes because it also close the window.

  2. Get a refresh button. As i said above the rule will recreate itself after i open the software. But the window did not refresh itself. i tried switch to different tab like Global rule , Defense +, and General Setting then switch back to Application rule, yet it still didn’t refresh itself. Only way is to close the firewall setting window and open it again.

  3. Faster way to go to Firewall Advance Setting. When i double click the icon on taskbar it always open the basic window. What i have to do is right click, hover over Firewall, then wait few seconds, finally click on Settings. Try to make a setting option when double click on taskbar icon that will take me directly to firewall advance setting.

  4. I know i’m using comodo and i know it’s secure , that is why i use it, so you dont have to remind me. I’m talking about the widget. I have it Always on Top because i like to check the data transfer. I think you show take out the logo COMODO and Secure. Also make the widget transparent and when mouse hover over it make it solid.

  5. Last thing. Allow guest to post question on the forum. All support forum need people to register before they can post question. After the question is answered then people will mostly like never login again.

Training mode is essentially allow everything and create an allow rule for everything. If you want to get rid of this behavior then change the mode to something else like custom ruleset or safe mode.

That is werid because when i install it i changed it to training mode, and it popup alert asking me what to do.

i tried custom ruleset/safe mode, then it just allow anything to access internet. Finally i went to Firewall Setting and the 'Do NOT show popup alerts" is set to Allow Request. I uncheck it and now is popup alert.

Is that on by default? i don’t remember changing it to that.

Also what is the difference between custom ruleset or safe mode?

Any comment on the Apply and Refresh buttons?