Delete CIS log file

In CIS 3.14 we were able to clear all log reports of CIS by clicking ‘delete all rules’ from the log viewer window. But, in CIS4.0 this feature is removed.

The new look of Log Viewer is beautiful and well arranged, but I miss this feature of delete logs. Of course we can ask CIS to delete it automatically from settings-logging by keeping the size of log file like 1 mb. However, I wish that this delete all feature as well as individual delete feature of firewall-defense±antivirus is restored.

I hear this 100%! How this was left out I’ll never know. 88)

…and will delete button be available to delete log of events in CIS in the next update?

+100 :-TU

+1 plus i would like it easier to get at.

Please give us back the ability to clear the log files

We should not have to carry 1MB of stuff, before the logs are cleared.

I can’t imagine what might have been the reasoning behind the decision to drop the function.

Think i read somewhere that they change the DB “format” or something to SQLite … but adding this feature back i really do hope they re-add this feature back … so far, there has been only one 4.x version out, so maybe they just haven’t gotten around to it yet… I do like the new log-viewer and "sort " feature in the viewer


Yes, I had also registered the same ‘wish’.


There have been several threads asking for this feature if I recall correctly. I still support it.

We need it

+1 :-TU

I think it is more convenient to delete the logs individually

+1 :-TU

I think that is very useful this feature …


I think that the possibility to clear the Log is a key-feature to understand the behaviours of the applications running and then create policies that better fit the real needs


I think so too…

I second :-TU

Me too. Not being able to clear the log files or remove individual entries any more is almost driving me to choose an alternative security package. There are items in my log files that are now redundant and it’s so annoying to see them still logged! Please correct this soon!

For anyone who’s interested, and until the developer puts back the option to flush or purge the log files, you can achieve the same by deleting the actual database file which holds the logs for all three Comodo scanning components (firewall, antivirus, & defence+).

Turn on Windows FW and exit CIS (system tray icon).
In Vista, navigate to this folder C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Firewall Pro
Delete the file named cislogs.sdb
Windows may say it’s in use and can’t be deleted, but in my case it deleted anyway.
Now restart CIS
Disable Windows FW
Check your comodo logs, they should all be empty now.

+1 :-TU.

Supporting this also.

This feature is very good.Please get it back in this version again!!!