Delete cav unuseful files in firewall

I’m using the last (3.8) version of Comodo Firewall under Vista SP1. I didn’t install the antivirus because I already have one running. The cav files found in the “scanners” sub-directory seem to be unuseful as they sound like “Comodo Anti Virus” definition files. In the previous version, I used to clear the content of this sub-directory to save some disk space (around 30 MB). This is not possible in 3.8 since Vista returns “Files are in use in another program”. Is there a way and is it advisable to clear these files when using firewall only? Thanks for your answers!

Bases.cav is the main definition file for CAV(Comodo anti virus).

Why save 30MB?? That’s like…twenty something floppies. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do not know if this will work or not, but its worth a try. Programs like malwarebytes have “fileassassin, fileshredder”, ect that allow you to permanently delete any file.

Why not? By deleting 30 megs of useless files you can download that much more porn school work.

I’m an old time computer user. I kept some habits from the times when computer HDD were 1 Gb or less large. So, I don’t and won’t like waste space on my disk. Besides, I’m doing complete PC backup on a regular basis and the less data you have to copy, the less time it takes. That’s why I want my disk clean.

About the porn files, don’t worry, I’ve got an external HDD with plenty of space left.