delays befor or after showing a warning message window in Comodo Firewall (free)

sorry if anybody already posted it, I see delays (about 15-30 seconds) before or after the Comodo Firewall shows it’s message (of pro-active protection) about “Application …exe tries to copy file … to …” or “Application …exe tries to execute file …” or such else, (see example01.gif) - when I try to install any applications (for example, drivers and software support for USB 3G modem) - this application’s install time (total time between start and end of installing all drivers) is about 1 min if Comodo Firewall is turned off, and installation time of this application is about 10-15 min if Comodo Firewall turns on. (If I answer to questions of Comodo Firewall about security permissions for applications - and I click Allow very fast - it can not help me to improve throughtput and cannot decrease time to install application) - In my oppinion, Comodo Firewall waits for 15-30 seconds after (or before) I clicked Allow - and the driver of 3G modem or application waits for 15-30 seconds when Comodo will allow him to continue installation process - so the installation process lasts for 10-20-30 minutes instead of 1 min (about 10-20 questions of Comodo Proactive security I answered)
Comodo Firewall (free) 5.10.228257.2253
Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7600 build 7600 (Russian) x64

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