Delayed confirmation Popup window

Using Comodo Firewall on Win10/x64 (normal desktop machine).

Normally, an immediate alert is shown within the popup window where I can Accept/block/treatas outgoing traffic. My problem: For an hour, there is no immediate popup window anymore. Instead, the first alert is shown with a long delay of about 3 minutes! It’s closed immediatelly and automatically, and afterwards, all alerts “collected” within these 3 minutes are shown and closed within a very short period of time. For example, if 20 alerts are shown, they appear within two seconds.

Everything was working before. I didn’t install or update anything or change any configuration. Of course, I already restarted the machine. Everything else is still working normally - but this. There’s no high CPU/HD/network usage going on.

Before reinstalling CIS, I’d like to ask if there is a known solution for the problem. Thanks.

You might have experienced bug 1602.
(Quick fix, if the case : Disable ‘Play sound when an alert is shown’ option.)

Hope it helps.

Oh, thanks for this quick reply! I did search the forum before for “delay” but didn’t find anyhting appropriate. Anyway, the notification sound has been and is still switched off. Though thanks for the hint.

Did you check if it’s specific to Firewall alerts? Try disabling a component from main interface window, you should get an alert.

Only the FW component has always been (and is) enabled, not Defense+ (neither HIPS, sandbox or virusscope)

When you get no alerts, check if ‘cis.exe --alertsUI’ process is not running OR it is restarting (eg gets a new PID). You can check such info, for example, by using Task Manager & adding command line column, PID column. There could be some kind of conflict (eg results in mentioned process crash and delays alerts).
It’s curious if you do not experience mentioned bug. Try killing each instance of ‘cis.exe’ process, ‘cmdagent.exe’ process & launch CFW again, run a diagnostics report. Check again if you experience the issue.
Another possibility would be that your installation is corrupt or damaged. Not sure what to say. Try reinstalling by following this guide.
Otherwise, it’s a performance issue, incompatibility or misconfiguration.

Hope it helps.

I do get alerts, but delayed by minutes. “cis.exe --alertsUI” is running (started by cistray.exe). The Comodo icon is also there in the system tray. I can double click it, use the UI, examine the logs, etc. Only the alert popups are delayed. I’ve already restarted the machine two times. I ran diagnostics which didn’t find a problem. I’ve saved the report; it seems to extract an event log file. The only one of category “error” is from 11/21/2016, but despite it’s been working flawlessly since few hours ago… oh yes, that’s when I’ve set the startup type of the CmdAgent service to “deactivated”, so he complained. But I’ve changed it back immediatelly, and it was working normally again since then.

Well, I will test again. If it won’t cure itself (as it often happens) tomorrow, I will reinstall.

Thanks qmarius.

The problem persists one day later. I’ve seen that the traffic that is allowed by FW rules, like for google chrome, is allowed and goes through immediatelly. So I think it’s not a core filtering issue. Only traffic that is not covered by rules or by an “Ask” rule and leads to a popup window, will show the delay - which is up to 15 minutes(!). Some processes that the FW is asking access for do not even live anymore at that point in time for long.
Anyway… I could reinstall now, but before, I’m curious about the cause of this. I’ve been using the Windows Performance Toolkit (resp. WPR) to capture the situation, and I’m gonna analyze and see what I can make out of it. This will take me a day (or two… and a night… or two), and it’s not guaranteed I will be successful, but if, I’ll post the reason for the situation so that others can benefit.
So, see you in a couple of days. :wink:

(Edit: very strange sentence corrected…)

I’m afraid, even with lots of efforts, I wasn’t able to figure it out. :confused: A clean reinstall didn’t help.

Sorry to hear that. Can you check it beta version?


I will try, thanks, but I think something’s going completey wrong here[1] - but I don’t know what. I’m thinking about reinstalling the machine, but… it’s so individual, and from experience, this will at least take a week. And, if the problem reoccurs, everything was to no avail, that’s why I usually try to find the cause of such issues.

([1] I won’t elaborate on this now as it would get off topic.)

I consider this topic closed. Thanks anyway.

Well… it is ideal to find the cause but think of it like this: you find a bug only to find out it’s fixed in the next version; where finding the cause only made you gain experience but was mainly a waste of time.

In general, such issues are not easy to troubleshoot. It could be a conflict with a driver, for example. (Based on my experience, I had some problems with graphics drivers which were fixed in the beta.)

Yes, but if this would be a general problem in the current version, many people would complain about it. Must be a special situation on my machine.

Today, after rebooting, I’ve opened the FW log, and it showed me several “asked” entries. Well, I have not been asked yet. 12 minutes later, all the popup windows were shown. Very strange. During this time, the Comodo UI is responsive, so this is not the problem.

I’ll let this matter rest.

I have the identical problem with Comodo Internet Security Premium v8.4.0.5165 on Win 7/x64 SP2 with all updates.
My machine: matherboard Asus P8Z77-V Pro, processor: Intel I7, RAM 32 GB, graphics: Intel HD4000, audio: Realtek High Definition Audio.
The problem does not only refer to the latest version but I’ve always had since I use Comodo.

Just like to add that the behavior disappeared since a couple of weeks ago. No clue, why. Didn’t change or install anything (intentionally) that I know of, and in retrospect, I don’t see what could have caused this.

The problem also persists with CIS v10.2.0.6526.
Win 7 x64 32GB of RAM full updated.