Delay with email to fax?

How long of a delay is acceptable when sending a fax by email? I have tried to send two. The first was sent nearly 5 hours after I sent the email. The second was sent two days later.

I sent an email to support but have not received a response.


I just posted a similar experience.

Have you gotten any resolution to the problem?


When sending a fax via email, delays can happen that have nothing to do with our service. There are 2 ways to determine if the issue is on our side or your email provider. The easiest option is to send your fax via another email provider (hotmail, gmail, yahoo). The only drawback to this option, is that these are free services and delays are common place. The next option would be to login to the website and send the fax. If any issue is found, please contact

Trustfax Support

(:AGY)Once again inside a couple months I’m unable to send faxes via email. This is on a PAID account with plenty of pages in the bank. My emails are accepted by trustfax, 2 of my 10 emails went, but the rest don’t show up in the inbox or the tracking. I have BCC’s copies of all the emails and they are all properly formatted. .

What’s even better is the last time this happened I posted to this forum and wondered if this was a normal thing or just a one time deal. Well I can tell you that it’s not a one time deal and my old post was removed from the forum! I didn’t cuss or bash or break any forum rules – I gues it’s not okay to post about issues concerning poor service.

Last time they never returned any phone calls to support, didn’t answer any trouble tickets and it took just over a WEEK before my faxes were finally delivered.

If you need reliable email-to-fax my experience is trustfax isn’t it.

I hope this helps anyone out there with similar experiences, it’s not just you, I’m willing to bet it’s a lot of people.