Delay problem when log off from a game and then try login again

I use Comodo firewall latest version and I have Windows XP SP3 . I have Avast anti-virus latest version.

I play a MMORPG game called PristonTale , And after I log out of the game , and try to back to the game I get : "Account is already logged in " . i have to wait like 30 seconds and then just i can log in again.

After I put the Firewall Security Level to “Disabled” , I don’t have this problem anymore and I can log off and log in without the "Account is already logged in " message.

I tried to configure the Firewall settings but sadly it didn’t work.
This is what I tried:

  1. Add the game.exe to “Add a trusted application”
  2. Remove the rule to the game and then do it Allow again




Moved to other firewall and it solved the problem. Sadly i won’t use Comodo anymore :confused:

Still not solutions? thats the only reason i dont use comodo anymore