Delay before Internet Connection can be used

When I dial up to the internet right after login it takes about 2 to 5 minutes before I can use the connection. It connects fine, status of the connection says it’s connected - even the tray icon appears. However no application is able to actually connect to the internet. Suddenly after a few minutes it’s working fine.

This started to happen right after I installed Comodo v3 and didn’t happen with Kerio PSF (which I had before).

I can instantly use it when I reconnect the connection at any time later (long after the reboot). So it must be related to some parts of the firewall taking ages to initialize.

Any way to around this? It’s very annoying having to wait 5 minutes until being able to use the internet connection…

What is your OS and which 3.x version of CFP3 are you using? Do you get any block messages in your firewall log? What web browser are you using? Are you using the default CFP rules for web browser? After you connect, do you get the logon and verified your user name and password message right away?

Comodo Version -
Windows XP SP2 with all security updates (until december 07)
Firewall and Defense+ Event logs are both empty
After connecting I get the message that username and passwort are verified and that everything is fine.
Browser is Opera, but all other application like MirandaIM, Thunderbird, etc. aren’t able to connect either.
Mostly using the default settings for the firewall.

I have read in the forum that several users are having problems with huge xp login delays in the range of minutes. Could it be that I’m having the same problem, only that it’s not showing as such because I’m using a custom shell replacement which is booting in another way than explorer and is therefore instantly ready (without such login delay)?

When Opera tries to access the internet, do you get any block messages in your firewall log or in your D+ log?

Checked the firewall and defense+ logs for the complete last week and no blocks for opera, miranda, thunderbird or any other app that isn’t supposed to be blocked. Only blocks are for apps which are supposed to be blocked.

Are there any blocks of anything at the time you use Opera? Is the last rule under “web browser” a block and log all? Are you using a virus scanner proxy like Avast! or AVG? Your connection sounds fine, so looking for other issues. Another thing to try is to erase all of your Opera rules under Network Security Policy and run Opera, to see if the CFP popups come up immediately.

No blocks at all, opera threaded as web browser and the “web browser” rule has block and log all as last item.

Just deleted all rules for opera and miranda, rebooted and connected to the internet again. Stragely the firewall didn’t throw up a request for both applications until about 4 minutes when the connection usually starts to work (and when all other applications suddenly can go online).

I also tried to fire some pings to several websites in the command line window, all results where negative, and it didn’t even show the IP of the target website when pinging.

So my idea is that maybe something is wrong with the DNS Client, that the firewall might be blocking it for some time.

no Antivirus app (and for sure not Avast) installed.

Do you have the DNS Client Service turned on? You can try adding an explicit DNS lookup allow under Windows Operating System and see if that helps . Add and to your list of DNS servers; could be a server problem.

DNS Client Service is enabled (startup set to auto).

Checked if I might have entered a custom dns server in my broadband connection. Everything set to auto and according to ipconfig /all I received two valid DNS Server IPs just fine. I will check this again after next reboot (see if this is fine right after connecting).

I noticed something else which might be causing problems and which I forgot to mention before. I’m using two network cards, one on board 100 Mbit and an old 10 Mbit PCI card. Both are activated and merged to a network bridge. My DSL modem is connected to one of the cards and the other one is to connect to my local switch (for printer and laptop). Could this network bridge be causing problems? That the system or firewall takes some time to recognize that on one of the cards the broadband connection is running?

I will try to kill the network bridge and disable the second (non DSL) network card tomorrow (can’t reboot at the moment)…

Worth a check.

Updated to new Comodow Version: 3.0.16295
Tried to delete the network bridge and disable the second network card… no change

checked ipconfig /all right after connecting (at the point where no other app can go online),
everything is correct there, got IP and DNS Server from my isp.

It’s just that no app can use the connection until a few minutes later.

Is it possible to disable the firewall for another user account? (without uninstalling it completely)