Defragment/Compact into CTM

What does the defragment/compact feature of CTM does exactly?

The 3rd party defragmenters generally uses two major features:

  1. Defragment (“join”) the files fragments.
  2. Optimize (“group”) the files and folders of the disk (generally at beginning).

What is the job of the internal CTM feature?

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Why is CTM forum always slow to provide help?
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What is the job of the internal CTM feature?
I'm sorry for the late reply. Briefly speaking, this feature is recovery the available free space, but not defragment the files fragments and optimize the files and folders of the disk.

Thanks Flykite. Maybe something should be on help files as the word “defragment” will give the user a false sensation. In fact, on my tests, the free space does not increase after compacting the snapshots. Why?

I’ve uninstalled CTM and the results are in the screenshots.
Are the files restored to the same “position” on disk after the uninstallation?
I mean, is the fragmentation of the snapshots reflected in the disk after the uninstallation?
It’s not that bad compared with Windows system restore, but, anyway, disk has quite a lot of fragmented files (512) and not optimized also.

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