Defragging Software

Here is another link to one of several emagazines I receive, this time “TechRepublic”

I primarily use 3 different defrag programs Defraggler from the makers of Ccleaner, MyDefrag (formally jkDefrag) and Contig from SysInternals. Oh forgot I sometimes use PageDefrag from SysInternals and NTREGOPT for registry defrag

Besides the Drive Defrag I also use the Free Space Defrag and Folder Defrag, only twice used the File Defrag.

Did not know I could use Defraggler on a USB stick?

Although this was only a blog, the blogger has commented on several different software among which I also found UltraDefrag. But nothing on MyDefrag yet.


Did you try the freeware Smart Defrag from IO Bit? It does a good job and places the frequently used files and directories into the fastest area of the disk like paid versions do. Consider giving it a spin.