When are the defragger and free space shredding modules going to be incorporated?

Are they really going to add a defragger?

Personally I feel a defragging utility should be a totally separate application.

AFAIK, a defragger is planned. And I also believe the plan is to incorporate it into CSC. Why do you think it should be separate?

That’s just the way my brain works. Registry utilities are one thing, disk defraggers are another. Lumping them together just seems wrong.

Even Iobit who has both registry/system cleaning tools keeps their defrag as its own entity.

Well Then again you don’t see Iobit making thee Internet security suite :slight_smile:

I’m sure Comodo Will make it light and compatible(meaning no conflicts) with any other software…

Tuneup Utilities has a suite of tools… and a defragger :slight_smile:

I would have to disagree with you on that one



We will come with a defragger as part of a separate CSC like suite, but for tune-up.

No one is specifying whether they are talking about a registry or a disk defragmenter. CRC had a registry defragmenter/compactor at one time, but removed it because it caused too many problems. They said they were going to put it back in some future version. As far as the disk defragmenter, that would be in the tune-up utility that I think they may name Windows Tweaker or something similar.

I was referring to the disk defragger. Also, I haven’t heard of any news that talked about the registry defragger (compactor) plans changing, so i still think it’s supposed to be incorporated again in the future once it becomes more stable (not sure if plans have changed since then).

Advanced System Care. Its free and full of features. More features then paid products.

I, personally, would like the defragger to be integrated into CSC as a separate component. Tune-up, cleaning… it all comes under maintenance, you know.