Defrag software won't work while CTM is installed

Hello Guys! I know that CTM is a great program but there is one problem that keeps me away form using it.

Since I installed the latest version, No defrag software won’t work on my PC.

Here’s my specs

Windows XP SP3 all updates installed
188 GB of drive space left
CTM Version 8

that is done on purpose, don’t defrag when running CTM, it will mess up your pc. CTM will take care of your hard drive.

Then why I was able to run my defrag software when I have CTM version 2.6 installed? Explain this to me.

because then they didn’t block you but it was still bad for the system, now they block the process becasue many people were using defrag and causing problems.

So that means, CTM prevents defrag software from having direct access to the hard drive? What if the PC slows down because of heavy fragmented files?

If you search the CTM forum you’ll find a lot of explanations about defragmentation and CTM.
It will do more harm (increasing snapshots size) than good.
My personal experience with CTM (when I had it installed and running :cry: ) was the fragmentation was much less than the one done with Windows System Restore.

I’ve witnessed this myself. First with Eaz-Fix and now with CTM. Both do a great job of minimizing fragmentation whilst installed.