******* Defrag Question *******

hello again ,

Hey I was just siting and thinking for defragment my hard disk drive just something popped up my mind .
well what i wanted to ask is that we all do a format our HDD once in a while ??? don’t we? my question on how long you have used Internet without formatting your HDD and while using Internet 24/7.

I have Run my new HDD without formatting it from the first date that is 13 months old more than a year.

and wow this is still running perfect. :SMLR

I’ve had my system HDD running without any formatting for about 6 months, and my secondary HDD which I store thing on, going for about 1 year :slight_smile:



I do Formatting Every Weekends! 88)


A format, Write 0s and restore is the best way to stay clean but it is APITA

However I reformat my test machines regularly I have a back up with my required programs and restore and even thought I do that I run anything risky in a VM (I have learned about that after getting 2 viruses while playing since getting involved with the security forums


There has been reports that defragging too often wears and tears down the physical hard disk. Is that true?


well what i wanted to ask is that we all do a format our HDD once in a while don't we? my question on [b]how long you have used Internet without formatting your HDD[/b] and while using Internet 24/7.

For about 2.5 years without formatting, since I hardly get any malware at all. Then my hard drive was on its last moments. Because of this, we bought a new hard drive last August 2006 I think

From what I’ve heard, and read on some other sites, it wears and tears down the HDD. But it gets slower if you don’t fragment, as the read/write works much slower, so therefore I think it’s best to defrag, but not too often, and you should be fine.

I don’t Format If a Virus Attacked my HDD and hardly i get infected, I do Format HDD on Purpose Once the Trail Program Expires ;D :cry:

Raxco provides calculations somewhere on their website that defragging actually helps to reduce wear and tear. Due to the lesser head movements at every read of a defragged file. Of course they assume that you are reading files more often than you defrag them.

I don’t defragmentation just don’t work of the lotsa programs/games i install , Formatting regularly say about 1 in month. (:WAV)

Hey Soya:
Well I don’t know about that either way, I can only speak for my experience over years of regular System Maintainance.
I have been using “Diskeeper Pro. Premier Ed.” for 2.5 years now which automatically defrags the system on a as needed basis which is basically weekly under everyday usage. Never had a problem… never suspected a problem. You can also Defrag on demand if you so choose.
This is an excellent piece of Hard Drive Maintainance Software and I would recomend it to anyone using their PC for regular Internet Useage involving “download, install and uninstall of Files and software”… The configuration and Options in this software are exceptional (in my opinion) and also allows for Boot Time defraging, File exclusions, Frag Shield(Paging file and MFT Settings),Power Mgmt, Data Collection and much more.
For anyone who may be interested, its served me well. (:KWL)