definition updates require a system restart?

??? This has to be the ONLY AV that requires a restart for definition updates or am I wrong? My license expired for NOD32 yesterday, so I decided to give Comodo a try. It seems well laid out and no problems yet, however, having to reboot each time it updates seems rather draconian. Is there anyway this will be addressed in future versions? I know it’s free and I never look a gift horse in the mouth, but this behavior can’t be seen as a positive. Thanks for any input.

Disregard please. Uninstalled.

In my case, updating virus datebase does not require a restart.
But updating Antivirus program itself requires a restart to effect.
Did you uninstall NOD32? If you did, how about reinstalling Comodo Antivirus?

(I think, Antivirus program was updated yesterday.)

CAVS categorically does not require an update for every definition update.

If the lower level .SYS drivers and/or the engine core components are updated, then an update is required, as is the case with just about every av app, though.

It would be interesting to see what version you have downloaded and what the core component version numbers were.

ewen :slight_smile: