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I would like to know how often Comodo updates their virus definitions. Is it done Daily or hourly or manually ?
I am using the free version of CIS.

It can happen as often as every 30 minutes.

Is there any detailed information on updates, such as how much is downloaded over a period of a day, a week or a month?

I installed CIS on a friends laptop and he is complaining that Comodo is using up his 2GB monthly download allowance.

7172 Signatures was added just today,

Doing some calculations
7360688 Total Signature in the Database
54122.7058XXXX Signatures per MB,
If i’m right 7172 Signatures = .1 MB Downloaded today… Not to sure though << Hated math in schooling

Every 30 minutes when the PC is on, thus its updated 48 times every day…

Hmm, even if the same amount was downloaded every 30 minutes, it’s nowhere near 2GB/month. I think I will turn his updates off for a while and see what difference it makes to how much he downloads. Not that I care a great deal, but as I installed CIS for him, I am getting the blame. :wink:

Thanks for the math. :slight_smile:

What you could do, is disable cloud features
URL =;msg462544#msg462544

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks Jake. It looks like I did that yesterday without realising it, when I disabled Defense+

Do you have AV? if so, Cloud Features may be still be enabled, also when you disable D+ you have to disable sandbox as well if not, Sandbox/AV uses cloud features

Hope this helps!


Sandbox is disabled. Where do I disable cloud features for AV?

edit: found it on my own computer, already disabled. is it disabled by default?

Sorry for the confusion please check the version,
My Version: 5.3.176757.1236 AV Cloud Features are disabled by defualt

You can check for your self
CIS > AV > AV Settings > Scheduled Scanning tab > Enable Cloud Scanning (Make sure it’s not checked)

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Thanks again.

Your Most Welcome!
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It checks for updates every 30 minutes, but there isn’t always an update to install. Take yesterday for example. My PC was on from 6:40am to 9:50pm. There were 31 update checks, but only 4 database updates.

Ah Yes! Thank you for correction :stuck_out_tongue: