defining system files

I installed CFP v304 after installing Kaspersky AV and it seems to be working OK. I notice that there are “system” files/programs trying to access various things (internet/loopback etc) but I don’t know what these actual programs are. Is there a way to find out what Comodo defines as “system”? In a different post, I reported that GRC’s leak test was stopped by Comodo but on further testing, it only gets stopped if it’s the FIRST program that tries to access the internet. If I let some other pgm only ID’d as “system” in CFP access a certain port/internet, then Leaktest will fail as leaktest somehow is also ID’d as “system” in CFP. Based on this, I would be woried that some malware could masquerade as a system pgm and defeat CFP.
Any insight would be appreciated.

Comodo and KAV do not get along.

I have read that many times too especially on the Kaspersky forums, but many people have gotten them to work by installing Comodo AFTER Kaspersky. I chose not to get Kspersky INternet Security as I believe Comodo’s firewall to be superior, but we’ll see if I start getting a cascade of failures. One of the forum members has as his signature a Kaspersky/Comodo tweak so I follow that too (disabling Defense +) I’m pretty certain that the lack of bona fide cooperation between KAV and CFP is not the cause of my system file inquery, but I’m a newbie and all your inputs are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I tried KAV awhile back and it slowed my system down alot. I now use NOD32.