Defining In/Out Rules

It seems to me that the interface for creating In/Out rules is broken. I basically want to define a rule for an application for both the In/Out directions to/from all IP addresses in a zone. So do I specify the zone in the Source Address or the Destination Address? For incoming traffic, you’d want it in the Source Address, but for outgoing traffic, you’d want it in the Destination Address.

Is my only option to create separate rules for the In and Out directions?

Wouldn’t it be a LOT more logical to make these “Local Address” and “Remote Address” instead?

I agree that local and remote make more sense, but that isn’t what the developers like. :wink: I think the rules are smart enough that you can put the zone as either the source or destination and make it work if you select in&out. If you are not part of the zone, it can only be the source of an in, destination of an out. It works for the few in/out rules I have.

I have the same doubt. I can’t believe there is such an uncertainty about how to set this type of in/out rules!!

If you want to be certain of your rules as CFP3 evolves, I would use separate rules for in and out. And currently do. Technically, an in/out rule is not valid unless your computer is both part of the source and part of the destination. :wink:

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