Define Intel(R) Pro/100 VE Network as a trusted network & How to make P2P Work?

Hello !

Can you help me, please ?

I use ADSL

Comodo found the following networks: Intel(R) Pro/100 VE Network and loopback zone

What happens if I define them as trusted networks ?

Will hackers see my computer on the Internet ?

Will the Comodo allow any incoming connections ?

The Intel(R) Pro/100 spans the entire IP addresses range

Hello !

Can you help me, please ?

How do I make Limewire, Shareaza and DC++ to work with Comodo firewall ?

Hello !

First of all I would like to applause you for a great free product

I could see that it is something awesome right after installing it

However I have a problem now with the P2P programs like Limewire, Shareaza and DC++

There is no easy way to allow them to work with Comodo, in fact I’m stumbled and I don’t know what to do

In Zone Alarm I would simply allow them to work as servers and all would be Ok

Is there a way to allow these P2P programs to accept all needed incoming communications without answering alerts about many other applications, for example, about svchost or something like this ?

It would be great should it be questioned and answered just for the known programs, when it begins to ask about svchost or System, I get confused and I don’t know what to do

Also, I’m confused about the trusted network option

I use ADSL, Comodo found 2 networks: Intel(R) PRO/100 and loopback zone

I believe the Intel(R) is the network to my Internet provider, is it safe to make it a trusted network, will the hackers see my computer then, will any incoming connections be allowed ( the Intel(R) network spans almost the entire IP addresses range )

Also I found the Comodo help useful, It would be great should you give more information in the help provided with the Comodo setup

I have the exact setup like you, so I know the answer :BNC
Not only is it safe to define Intel(R) Pro/100 VE Network and loopback zone, but it is required, otherwise you might not even connect to the internet at all.

Although it looks like it spans the entire IP address range, it’s still safe because this covers your NIC (ethernet / modem). What I do is manually assign my NIC connection to a static IP like 192.168.2.x in XP’s Network Connections, and do the same in CFP 3. Why should we assign one IP addy to the NIC? Because it will speed up boot-time process significantly. XP’s default nature tries to search for an IP address for the NIC (only seems to affect ADSL’s, and not other types of internet connections).

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Thank you !

I have 2 more questions so

Can I choose any IP ?

Will the P2P work after that ?

I don’t think it can be any IP, but it has to be in that 192.168.x.x range. If unsure ask your ISP.

Most P2P require you to open (allow) incoming connections to a certain port or ports. There are already several threads dedicated to them, such as:

Thank you once again !

But I think that it is too complicated

I’m also about to install the router and then things may get quite confused so I think I’ll fall back to Zone Alarm

You already have a predefined sets of rules in Comodo, it would be great should you provide the general P2P rule with Comodo installation and add an option to allow the incoming connections for the applications set as P2P only

Please contact the Comodo development about this idea

I’ll watch Comodo in a hope to move to it, I liked the program very much

Ummm…there’s already a mode called P2P mode upon installation. And even failing that 88), one can toggle it back on after installation:

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Ah, I didn’t noticed P2P

This option may be present in the settings, but I think it wasn’t in the alerts menu

If you allow incoming connections Comodo begins to ask you many times about the system files too, it would be great to have an option to allow the incoming connection for the P2P files only

Is it complicated to use the Comodo with router and 2 computers ?

I don’t know much about routers, but for that you need to add it (or its range?) to your Network Zones; defining your trusted network devices.

Thank you very much