Define a new trusted network???

I’ve been using the Comodo firewall for a few months on dialup w/ ICS - no noticeable problems / questions…

Just added broadband and a wireless router to my configuration and discovered that I needed to run the define a new trusted network wizzard on my two pc’s to permit me to access and share files & printers between the two machines.

As a result, my default install has 7 rules in the network control rules.

I’ve tried to read the various forum entries regarding configuration and firewall behavior - but my eyes are rolling…

Question: By running the define a new trusted network on my 2 PC’s - they can now talk with each other. Have I now opened then network port up for anyone who bypasses my router firewall? What keeps external machines from attempting to access these 2 machines behind my router? Do I need to set more rules? I’m (slightly) confused…

All of the posts I’ve read said to run the wizzard and trust the system that everything was OK…
Would like some confirmation that I’ve not opened up my system.

Thanks -

Welcome to the forums, Spinman (:WAV)

Depending on how you defined the Zone you used to create the Trusted Network, you could potentially be opening up the system to anyone who illegally accessed your wireless router. Wireless adds a whole new level to the security issue…

There is a tutorial in this thread about configuring/securing your wireless access point (ie, router) that may be helpful from that end.

Regarding CFP & the trusted network issue, what you really want to do is (if you haven’t already):

In Windows Network Connections (for each resource - computer, printer, etc) on the network, define a static internal IP address, in a sequential fashion. In other words, Computer A would be something like, Computer B, and Printer (providing it has its own IP) (I’ve selected IPs that would not be automatically assigned to the router as its configuration access point, etc). What you’re doing here is manually assigning an IP instead of letting the system determine its IP assignment through DHCP and the wireless router.

Then, in CFP you set your Zone to the IP range of your LAN requirements. Then define that Zone as a Trusted Network. At this point, simply resetting the Zone IP range will do it, since you’ve already got the trusted network; the Network Monitor rules should update after stopping/starting the FW, or simply rebooting the system.

Hope that makes sense, and helps. Ask any questions you need; we’re here to help you through it.