Definate false positive.

Comodo anti virus has picked up on a unique .exe file i created myself and flaged and it as a full blown win 32 trojan. TrojWare.Win32.Snocry.RS.
The file is a game launcher file i created to allow me to simultaniously launch A) a game in my steam account. B) a gfx modification for said game.
It was created using an age old technique where by you create a batch file then convert it to a .exe using the dos command “bat2exe”. This file doesn’t exist anyware online. Only in my own system. It’s only intention is to allow me to continue launching my game from the steam client (by renaming the games main .exe and using the games origional file name for my own created file). It only contains a few lines of code. Basicly the names of the files i want to launch. It was fine for months on end untill the 9th of this month then it was quarantined. It is 100% a flase positive.

Please follow How to report False Positives - Please read this before submitting ! on how to submit your executable.