I am getting the following message: The Defense+ is not functioning properly.
I have run the diagnostic which says nothing is wrong, and I haven’t deactivated it by mistake.
Can anybody suggest what I do to correct this?

Thanks in anticipation


What version of CIS are you using? Is this an upgrade or a clean install?

interesting question. I frequently get a message that Comodo has been updated, but when I click on it, I am taken to the comodo site, but no indication of new version is apparent. :-\ So I don’t know what to do! Or what version I am running.



Have a look under Miscellaneous/About for the Product Version Number, the latest iteration is 3.9.95478.509

Virus Database:1325

Are you using the full Comodo Internet Security or just Firewall/Defence+?


p.s. Try Miscellaneous/Check for updates to see what it says.